Whale Story Continued:

The Blue Whale Project at the Telesecundaria School in El Sargento is gaining momentum. We are working with The Center of Environmental Education Community Whale Museum, Ecology Project International, and Ejidal de El Sargento y Su Anexo La Ventana in accordance with all pertinent regulations.

With the help of Tim, Chile, and Anne, we just about doubled our bone count on our hunting expedition a couple of weeks ago. We have one or two more expeditions coming up and then the rest is in your hands.

We request that all bones that have been collected from the Blue Whale be turned over to the Telesecundaria in El Sargento. This whale was first sighted on the north end of Isla Cerralvo then Punta Gorda after which it floated yet again dispersing bones along the way till it came to rest several kilometers south. Its last resting place was quite accessible by vehicle making it easy pickings. Also with the help of Mother Nature some of the bones have made their way at least south of the northern lighthouse arroyo and possibly further. So where ever the bones were found is not in question. If you found a whale bone this year along this coast in this area it is most likely from this whale.

This project has grown from its origin as a School Project to being embraced by not only by the Local Communities but also the State, National, and International Communities. Let’s do our part in supporting such a great effort by voluntarily giving all bones collected, our time, expertise, and resources in the collection of the final lost bones, cleaning, and restoration. There will also be a need for financial support to help defray the costs of restoration and construction of the structure that will support the finished skeleton.

This Blue Whale can become Symbolic for this our adopted community and this incredible Sea, the womb of the Pacific Ocean, that we live on, play in and enjoy seeing each and every day we are alive.

To contact Mary Sim email or call 114-0205.

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